Region with a future

The Canton of Basel-Stadt is dedicated to sustainability and caters to the needs of people from all walks of life. Basel is a city of work, a services centre, but also a residential city with a high quality of life within the tri-national Basel region. The atmosphere of the city is lively, and it has positive and thriving lifestyles.

Science location Basel

Basel is a teaching and research centre with its key pillars of the University, the University Hospital, the University of Applied Sciences of North-west Switzerland and the ETH Centre for Biosystems Science and Engineering rank amongst the leading academic centres in Europe. Basel is one of the most important innovation centres in the fields of life sciences, medical research, energy and cultural studies.

Business location Basel

Basel is an attractive location for globally-leading companies within the life sciences industry, the chemical industry, the financial services sector, the logistics sector, the leisure and advertising sectors as well as for companies which are active in the field of new technologies such as nanotechnology. The high quality of the location makes Basel a coveted destination for highly-qualified people from throughout Switzerland and abroad.

Cultural location Basel

Basel is a cultural centre of international importance, and has achieved this status thanks to a thriving partnership between private and public-sector initiators and cultural organisations with a particular focus on the fields of fine arts, music, theatre and dance.